About Me

Shivani Consulting Ltd was set up in November 2021. It is a Bermuda based company offering the following services:



I am the business podcaster for the Royal Gazette Navigate Series. I research, produce and edit a business podcast once a month. The podcasts are focussed on Bermuda and the growth of our economy in various sectors. I invite subject matter experts to come into the podcast studio to discuss their areas of expertise:



Style by Shivani:

I am a professionally qualified international style and image consultant. In Bermuda I have over 80 clients, ranging from corporate clients where I offer personal branding seminars, to individual male and female clients:




Through my work as a stylist, I am the exclusive distributor in Bermuda of three brands; Pestle&Mortar (skin care), Aspiga (clothing), Ashiana (jewellery) . I distribute these brands exclusively to The Gibbons Company.



A few times a year I host bespoke style events – my recent event in March 2022 was held at Coral Beach Club. 130 people attended and it was an event that was sold out in less than 4 days. I asked key industry leaders to model (Nathan Kowalski in his role as President of the Chamber of Commerce, Brad Adderley, Neville Grant, Rish Aggarwal, Sophia Greaves…). This event was to support #buybermuda and showcase the retailers in Bermuda. I also raised a large donation for a local charity, The Reading Clinic. A successful event with many corporate sponsors and corporate tables.

Another area of my bespoke work is with my ‘high end’ clients where I offer personal shopping experiences globally throughout the year. In addition I offer bespoke trousers for women – these are curated by an award winning French Fashion Designer based in NYC.



Financial Consulting:

Finally as a former banker (!), I offer financial consulting services, short term contracts and project work.




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